Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Walter Hanni letters Part VI

Gravama, the 28 Sept 1913
                                                                            (don’t know where this is in Utah???)

Dear Martha!

I have received you dear letter and read it with great joy. It makes me feel so good to receive mail from you. You are so very good to me and I know that will always be in the future the same, I don’t doubt that. You are the dearest to my heart and I want to be true to you throughout eternity. I will provide for you and take care of you with all my strengths and being. 
I am longing for the day we will live together and built a beautiful home. How happy will I feel to come home after work and be able to go home to my dear wife who will welcome me with a kiss. Let us always be faithful and true to the Lord and in return he will guide us and provide for us. Let us be strong in prayer and God will always remember us. 

So, Martha, you will be in Salt Lake in September. A new life will begin for you. Do not be worried or afraid, all will be well. You will not experience the real life. Learn the English language for it will be of advantage for you. There are many good people, but if one does not know the language one is like a lost sheep without a shepherd. Take the book (Book of Mormon) and study it, you probably have never really done that.

 I will soon write to you in English and you have to learn the language so you will be able to read my letters. That will be interesting if we someday converse together in the English language. I will kiss you in English and embrace you. Now it is soon time for General Conference and I wished I could be there and attend it. My cousin comes from Stiching, Alberta to be there, as well as Bingerer, Kaner, Steiner and Cie. How many of the well-known elders will be there? (I assume he is talking about General Authorities or former ward members), (perhaps dear sister Frieda Ryter will also attend)
 That will be a superb day. You have the wonderful opportunity to be there and attend it. 
I am happy that all goes well for you and that you are healthy. You are my dear Martha, oh, that is so certain, my dearest “Schueggerli” (sweetheart). I wished so much I could kiss you now and embrace you. 

Be always loyal and good to me

Greetings from your loyal and dear Walter.

P.S. I dreamt that you were on a mountain and I came to visit you. When I was doubting again, you walked a few steps with me. That was all you walked with me and that was not very nice of you and did hurt me.
 These flowers will welt and dry up but the loyalty and the love will last forever, dear Martha.

Give my greetings to the Leo Woodruff family. 

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