Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hanni letter

This is the last letter that was in the box of Hanni letters. A huge thanks to our friend Marion Wolfert who translated all these letters for us from the Swiss German Script!
Salt Lake City, the 21 Mar 1924

My Dear Loved Ones!

I have received your card today, thank you very much. I would have loved to see Walter, when I was so excited with joy. Sugar City is great. Wow, now it is a little boy and that means so much, I send my congratulations. Me and Marthalie laughed last night and she said, “now Martha is very happy that Walter’s wish came true ”. We hope that Martha is in the best of health. Tell her we admire her for giving birth to such a heavy little Baby boy. I have bought something little last week, but I only go very seldom into town. When I go to work I take 7th East Street, that is not so hilly. I will be sending later a “Tschoegeli” (don’t know what that is, it is a typical Swiss expression). I am sending this package so that you receive at least something from me and also socks for you, Martha. Mildret is doing fine, she is a good little housewife, a big help. Next to us lives a Misses Larsen and she hat twins, one weighs 7 ½ pound and the other 6 pound and she has her work cut out for her.

Walter, you write that you heard from a missionary that Emi Bieri was excommunicated from the church a year ago. Wursi’s wife had a child from some Mister Zimmermann and they were both excommunicated. Emi Bieri has admitted and realized that she did sin, I would have never thought it would happen to her. I feel sorry for Adolf, he is such a good and active man and he has to suffer and go through a lot, two operations and his wife also had an operation about three months ago. Brother Brieri has told me himself that he does not like Emmi as much as Johanne Loosli. I am glad that I am not there and have to witness all of this with Emmi Bieri. I told her off in a letter and told her that I knew about her situation for about nine months. I had been informed by a missionary but had been asked to keep it to myself. Now it is nothing new anymore. Now other things happen and I am horrified by much that happens. I have never heard of such things and get dizzy, thinking of all the things that one could be effected by in the “outside world”. 

I will stop now, I am getting tired, I had a hard day today. Tomorrow is Saturday and it will be another hard day for me.

Best greeting from your mother.