Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burton Pett

  • Name: Burton Pett
  • Born: January 27, 1870 Brigham City, Utah
  • Died: February 9, 1943 Brigham City, Utah
  • Related through: Erin's grandmother Margaret Udy

Burton Pett was the son of James Pett and Elizabeth Jane Brandon. He spent his early years in Brigham City and then went to Park City, at the time a thriving mining town, and worked for several years. Later he moved to Ophir, Tooele Couty and was employed by a mining company. He delivered the pay roll for quite some time by horseback from Mercur to Ophir with no loss of money nor any police escort. After his mining work he helped George Edwards with his Mercantile Store. A few years later he returned to Brigham City where he owned and operated a very successful meat and grocery business. His honesty and cheerfulness were a great asset. No on could cure meat or make sausage that tasted as good. He was also musical and played several stringed instruments.

His first wife was named Sarah Ellen Micksell who died in childbirth. The child Lillian Pett was raised by Eva Pett Streng, Burton's sister. He later married our grandmother Rachel Burton Pidcock. They always maintained a hospitable home and everyone enjoyed their visit there. They reared two sons and three daughters — Leonard, Mabel, Lucile, Geneva and Burton.

Thanks to Grandma Margaret for sharing this little bit of history with us. 
Top: Burton Pett, Imer Pett, Frank Pett
Bottom: Lorenzo Pett, James Pett (father) and Henry H. Pett

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