Thursday, March 17, 2011

Michel Sommer

  • Name: Michel Sommer
  • Born: February 3, 1803 Mussig, Bas Rhin, France
  • Died: 1868 Peoria, Illinois
  • Related through: Dan's grandmother Melva Castleton

Michel Sommer was born February 3, 1803 in Mussig, Bas Rhin, France to Ulrich Sommer and Maria Baechler. He married Anna Erb, daughter of Jean Erb and Madeliene Herby or Hertig.

Michel was a farmer and they were of the Anabaptist Faith. They had seven children, among them our great grandmother, Maria (Mary), who married Nicholas Isch.

Their little daughter, two year old Maria died July 8, 1831. On March 5, 1854, Michel died at the age of 16. In 1854 a terrible epidemic of cholera came to their land. He lost his wife Anna (age 50) and three children: Jean, 21, Jacque, 19 and Madeliene, 12.

His daughter, Maria (Mary, our ancestor) went to live with the oldest daughter Anne, who was married and had a large family. In 1857 Michel and Maria immigrated to America. Michel's brother sent him money to come and live with him in Peoria, Illinois. I have heard his name was Jacob but have not been able to find him in the records. We think he was remarried but we haven’t found a second wife or death date of Michel. He fell off a wagon, died and was buried in East Peoria in 1868. Grandma, (Berth Isch Getz) told how her Mother, Mary Sommer Isch related her sadness at not being able to go to his funeral in Peoria, as she was living too far away.

Thanks to Grandma Melva for writing and providing this article.

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