Thursday, February 24, 2011

George Peter Goez

  • George Peter Goez
  • Born: December 14, 1803 Bonfeld, Germany
  • Died:  July 16, 1873 Dillon, Illinois
  • Related though: Dan's grandmother Melva Castleton

George Peter Goez was born December 14, 1803 in Bonfeld, Wurttemberg, Germany. He was the only child of Johann David and Catharina Barbara Wacker Goez.

Peter, as he was known, married Katharina Kress on January 20, 1829. She was born February 22, 1802, also in Bonfeld, Germany. She was the second of seven children of Johann Gottlob Kres and Johanna Elisabeth Strassner.

Peter was a farmer in Germany and owned 40 acres of land. This land was not all in one tract, but a few acres here and there. He was also mayor (burgermeister) of his town.

Many problems arose with the government as they tried to pull away from the state church and follow a religious group known as the "Christian Congregation," also known as the "Baptizing Congregation." Their desire was to follow Jesus Christ entirely upon biblical principles. Later on they were known as the Apostolic Christian Church. They were persecuted by the people and some of their members and leaders were imprisoned.

Because of these problems, all of their children except one daughter, Hannah, whose husband, the Rev. George Welk and was in prison, had immigrated to America. When George got out in March 1859, they sold all their possessions. Peter, his wife, Hannah, son-in-law the Rev. George Welk and small granddaughter, Katherine began their journey to America to join their family.

After coming to America, Peter and Katharina retired and made their home with their daughter Katherine (Mrs. Kasper Koch) on a farm near Dillon Illinois. In this home Peter and Katharina lived and passed away July 16, 1873. He was buried in the little German cemetery near Dillon, Illinois next to his wife Katharina, who died six years earlier in 1867.

Thanks to Grandma Melva for providing this article for us.

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