Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Judah Griffeth

  • Name: Juah Griffeth
  • Born: May 23, 1795 Barre, New York
  • Died: June 30, 1879 Thurman, Iowa
  • Related through: Dan's grandmother Elvira Wilde Langford

Judah Griffeth was born May 23, 1795 in Barre, Orleans, New York. He married Mariah Rockwell October 10th, 1822. They had ten children. One year after the organization of the church, Judah heard the gospel and accepted it. He moved his family with the body of the saints and followed the Prophet. He was ordained a high Priest by Joseph Smith Sr. in Kirtland, Ohio. He died June 30, 1879 at Thurman Fremont, Iowa. He did not go west with Brigham Young but remained with the Josephite Church, known today as the RLDS or Community of Christ Church.

Thanks to John Pratt for providing this history on his family history website.

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