Friday, September 10, 2010

John Andrew Turnbough

  • John Andrew Turnbough
  • Born: About 1740 in Alsace-Lorraine, France
  • Died: About 1846 in Fork Deer, Tennessee
  • Related through: Dan’s grandfather Heber Langford

John A. Turnbough originally immigrated to this country from Alsace-Lorraine, a small area now situated between Germany and France on the Rhine River. Alsace-Lorraine, is now part of France, but over the centuries it has been alternately part of Germany and France. I am not familiar enough with the history of the 18th century in Europe to know if Alsace was more French or German in the time of John Andrew Turnbough's birth. He was born there approximately 1740, but it is not known when he immigrated to Colonial America. He married a woman named Margaret around 1767 and lived in Chester, South Carolina. Margaret was born around 1740 in South Carolina. There they had a 150 acre farm on the Enora River. He later served in the Chester District Militia during the Revolutionary War, horseman duty under Colonel Edward Lacey in Captain Samuel Adams Company.

Some things we know about him:

1774 Received Royal Land Grant - 96th District - A John Turnbough purchased 150 acres from the Crown on Sept. 13, 1774 on the waters of the Renkey Creek, in South Carolina.

1781 Fought in the American Revolution from South Carolina.

1786 Lived in Greenville County, South Carolina. A John Turnbough was found purchasing a 323 acre tract of land on the Enorci River in district 96 in the state of South Carolina.

1790's Family traveled westward into the French Broad Valley of East Tennessee and Knoxville.

1795 Moved to Washington County, Kentucky

1796 Moved to Green County, Kentucky

1802 Moved to Adair County, Kentucky
He died about 1846 in Fork Deer, Tennessee and was buried in Fork Deer, Tennessee.
This information on John Andrew Turnbough and his wife Margaret (Marget) has been found from many sources on the Internet and the book, "The Texas Turnbo's" by Charles A. Turnbo. I found most of the information here.

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  1. I am related to the Turnboughs thru my grandmother. We searched for Old Johns grave where we thought it might be but never found it. If anyone knows where it is and can give me directions to it please email