Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ammon Paul Pitkin

  • Name: Ammon Paul Pitkin
  • Born: April 26, 1835 Clay County, MO
  • Died: After 1900 Challis, ID
  • Related through: Dan's grandfather Lynn Crookston
Ammon had to have been a very strong boy. He was born right in the midst of great turmoil in Clay County, Missouri. His family had already joined the church with his father, George White, being baptized by Joseph Smith just four years prior. 

The persecution was so bad that when he was two or three years old the family relocated to Far West, then on to Pike County, Illinois and eventually Nauvoo. Ammon was in Nauvoo from age five to ten. With the initial peace that existed I would bet that it was a pretty fun time in Ammon's life. 

However it may not have lasted long. In 1846 the Pitkins joined the exodus out of Nauvoo and across the Mississippi river. Ammons mother, Amanda Eggleston, died a short time later at Fox Creek. Out of the seven Pitkin children four of them where younger than Ammon, and as the second oldest son he must have been relied upon heavily to help the family continue their journey to Winter Quarters. 

The family joined the Heber C. Kimball pioneer company. Although two younger siblings died along the way, Ammon and the rest of his family made it to Utah. They lived in Weber County, Utah and California before settling in Millville, Utah. Ammon and his father built the very first cabin of Millville in 1859. 

In 1861 Ammon married Olive Chandler Chase in the Endowment House. Times where hard and work was difficult to find. Of their 12 children three died in infancy. The children often worked outside of the home to help support the family. 

Ammon may have been somewhat of a ruffian as on occasion he found himself in trouble with the law and the church.  The marriage must have struggled also. Olive Chase divorced Ammon in 1887. He found work on the Miller Dam in Idaho. Sometime after 1900 there was a work accident, Ammon drowned and his body was never recovered. There is no grave or memorial for Ammon that I am aware of. Much of his family was buried in Millville/Nibley Cemetery, maybe someday we will get up there to see if he has a headstone. 

Its easy to read about Ammon and think his life was pretty sad. From the very moment he was born life was difficult. I hope he found happiness and peace at times. Maybe as we continue researching our family history we will find more on Ammon. 

Thank you to Colleen Helquist who compiled much of the information of Ammon Pitkin on her RootsWeb page

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  1. I enjoyed reading this today. I like how you added who they are related through. I have a very cool story about Ammon's father. I will try and find it for you. He was taught the gospel and baptized by Joseph Smith in Ohio. I think his name is George White Pitkin.