Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello World!

Erin and Dan here — history buffs and the biggest nerds you know. We love genealogy and thought it would be fun to have a place where we could share some of the interesting stuff we have found since we started looking into our family history. I know some of you relations have been asking for information so we thought this would be the easiest way. This way I won't have to look at your glazed eyes when I tell you in person about various ancestors I have found information on. You can read this at your leisure. Also if any of you relatives have any info you want to contribute let us know and we can make you an author too.

When I was a little girl I loved sneaking into my mom's cupboard where she would keep her genealogy stuff. I loved reading the stories and seeing the pictures. I heard it said once that you only hear the stories from whatever branch of your family is the loudest. More likely in the past we only had documents and histories from certain family members. Now through the miracle of the internet we have been finding many more stories that we didn't know where out there.

I really started working on family history a few years ago for a church calling and have just kept going. I have gotten Dan into it too and it is something fun we like to do together. I have mostly been working on my grandmother's line from West Virginia. She died when I was seven so I haven't known much about her family in the past. It was also supposedly the line that needed the most work. I have been breaking down roadblocks on that line and it has been fun. I have been learning a lot about history in the process. Kind of makes me wish I had taken more history classes in school. For example I didn't know that West Virginia used to be a part of Virginia. It was all one state until the Civil War and then they formed the state of West Virginia out of a bunch of counties that didn't want to join the Confederacy. Cool stuff. 

Anyway on this blog we will share little bits of our family tree and profile random ancestors and their stories. We will be sure to include which grandparent that ancestor is related too. That way you will all know which posts to be the most interested in. We will try and profile ancestors from all our different lines. I think this will be really fun even if it only helps us find new stories. Enjoy.

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  1. Way to go, you two! This blog will be very interesting. Love you guys!